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The Predator is the 1911 John Browning would have loved to have made. By eliminating the barrel bushing and installing a full-length guide rod and a coned match barrel, accuracy is improved and recoil is reduced.

Nothing short of an engineering masterpiece, the fit between the integral barrel wafer and the slide is impeccably executed to appear as one, yet the two never contact. The result is a level of reliability and accuracy only money spent in the right place can buy.

With its discreet but wide mouthed magwell and caliber options, the Predator is the perfect candidate for protection, uniform, competition, hunting and recreational employment. Mr. Browning would be envious.

One Gun. One Gunsmith.™


Stainless steel frame standard; aluminum frame available
Black Nitride finish
Nighthawk two-piece magwell
Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium rear sight with Tritium front night sight
Stainless steel flanged cone match grade barrel standard
Single-side safety
.45 ACP standard; 9mm and 10mm available
Thinned cocobolo with double diamond checkering and Nighthawk logo

CA model does not include extended magazine well.

The Lady Hawk was designed originally with the female shooter in mind but as the pistol reached the stores, we found that about 90% of the pistols were being purchased by men. The benefits of the Lady Hawk outweighed the fact that the words “Lady Hawk” were carved into the slide of the gun. As with all things, the Lady Hawk has evolved. The slide of the pistol is being ordered, again at the 90% rate, with no markings on the slide. It can come with or without the Lady Hawk markings, your call.

The grip frame on the Nighthawk Heinie Lady Hawk has been thinned at the front and back, wears slender grips, and is matched to a Commander length slide for ease of concealment. Chambered in 9mm, slide-racking force is drastically reduced and the front strap and backstrap are elegantly scalloped to provide a solid purchase without torturing hands. Most women choose the Lady Hawk in 9mm and men often opt for the 45 ACP.

Richard Heinie has been building custom 1911 handguns for more than 40 years. That’s long enough to learn how to do more than just turn a screw. He understood women and some men needed a 1911 that fit their hands and was devoid of sharp edges. So, he built one and now it’s available from Nighthawk, the Lady Hawk.

Regardless of your gender, the Lady Hawk represents a level of elegance, grace, slender, and shooter comfort never before seen in a 1911. That’s why both women and men are drawn to it.


Caliber: 9mm / Match Grade Crowned and Recessed Barrel
Heinie Signature Scalloped front strap and Mainspring Housing
Reduced overall frame circumference
Nighthawk Custom Ultra-Thin Alumagrips™
Forged Carbon Steel Frame and 4.25" Slide
Heinie Magazine Release
Heinie Stainless Steel Hammer and Sear
Finish: Titanium Blue with Stainless Steel Controls
Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Night Sights
Magazine well contoured for carry
Tactical Magazine Release
Hand Serrated Rear of Slide

The Shadow Hawk Government with the Trijicon RMR sight mounted on it was designed with the help of Steve "Yeti" Fisher, formerly of Magpul Dynamics. Pulling from his background in law enforcement, training and his passion for competition, allowed a truly special pistol to be formed. The 5" Shadow Hawk Government with the RMR sight is a unique blending of the pistolsmithing skills at Nighthawk Custom along with Mr. Fisher, and the electronic sight geniuses at Trijicon. The Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) is the most rugged miniature red dot sight available and works in any lighting condition. This red dot sight allows faster first-shot target acquisition and follow-up shots. The RMR helps those with aging eyes to enjoy handgun shooting again or just be more proficient in their shooting. Attention to detail starts with the one piece machined steel magwell/mainspring housing for quick and sure reloading of the Shadow Hawk. You will notice the chiseled look and feel of the black flat faced trigger preferred by competition shooters. The gun is topped front and rear with Trijicon Tall Tritium Night Sights. The rear sight is integral to the base plate used to mount the RMR. This one piece unit is built for sturdiness and durability. An advantage of these sights is that a suppressor can be used effectively without having to change out to other sights, as long as you have specified the threaded barrel option. They will co-witness with or without a suppressor attached. Your hands will quickly notice the high undercut on the trigger guard along with 25 LPI checkering on the front strap. The high beaver tail will amaze you with the almost seamless fit and finish. Spiral cut black and gray G10 grips add a subtle highlight to the black nitrite finish. The stainless bushing contrasts nicely with the slide and frame. The aggressive cocking serrations are not just for looks but provide a sure purchase to rack the slide. Finally, leaving nothing to chance, we have beveled and recessed the slide stop to allow for the addition of Crimson Trace Laser Grips if you so choose. One you get the chance to use the Shadow Hawk Government with the amazing Trijicon RMR sight, you'll have a true appreciation for the experience, thought process, and technology that went into this particular pistol.


Stainless steel frame standard
Black Nitride finish
Trijicon Tall Tritium Night Sights; Rear sight built into RMR base plate
Nighthawk Custom carbon steel barrel
Single side safety
9mm standard; other calibers available
One-piece magwell
Nighthawk Custom spiral-cut black and gray G10 grips

With compactness comes more recoil and the Predator II, with its coned match barrel, helps control that recoil. The added weight of the bushingless barrel and the full-length guide rod help break the buck of this 35 ounce 4.25 inch barreled carry gun.

Nothing short of an engineering masterpiece, the fit between the integral barrel wafer and the slide is impeccably executed to appear as one, yet the two never contact. The result is a level of reliability and accuracy only money spent in the right place can buy.

The Predator II is precisely purpose built to be a perfect personal protection pistol.

One Gun. One Gunsmith.™


Stainless steel frame standard; aluminum frame available.
Black Nitride finish
Nighthawk two-piece magwell
Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium rear sight with Tritium front night sight
Stainless steel barrel standard
Single-side safety
.45 ACP only
Thinned cocobolo with double diamond checkering and Nighthawk logo

Nighthawk Custom is excited not only about the Model T4 for what we designed it as but what the response has been from the consumer market.  The 9mm cartridge in a 1911 designed for concealed carry may be the best of both worlds when it comes to muzzle controllability and magazine capacity in a 1911. The T4 contains some of the most evolutionary features offered by the company. The T4 resembles the popular T3, but on a 3.8” barrel platform. Reliability was the most important consideration when plans for the new pistol began, hence the 3.8” Nighthawk match grade barrel over the more popular but less reliable 3.5” or shorter barrel. The proven Bob Marvel Everlast® Recoil System was modified to fit into the smaller T4 frame, thus reducing felt recoil and decreasing recovery time between shots. The frame is thinned just like Nighthawks popular Lady Hawk. The proprietary barrel is crowned and recessed with the slide. On the outside, the front of the slide has cuts designed to reduce weight. They taper in towards the crowned barrel, giving a unique look to the T4 like no other handgun produced by Nighthawk. Grips are like the T3 and are thinned for less bulk.

Barrel length is 3.8”. Available in Steel or Aluminum frame upgrade.

PRICE: $3,395.00


Stainless Steel Frame Standard
Black Nitride Finish
Tritium Dot Front Night Sight
Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Rear Night Sight
Bull Barrel
Single-Side Safety
9mm only



The 10mm was engineered to push a 200-grain bullet at 1000 fps. Gunsite Academy founder COL Jeff Cooper thought this an optimum balance of power and controllability for a defensive pistol. The long slide 1911 was conceived to provide even more velocity, with an extended sight radius, to exploit this power for hunting big game with a semi-automatic handgun. The Heinie Long Slide 10mm is the ultimate realization of that concept. It’s 40 ounces of forged steel with the power of the .41 Magnum. It has the reach to smack a wild boar on the other side of the field. It has the precision to precisely place the shot on the monster whitetail slipping through thick, dark timber and, it has the power to bust shoulders, break bones, and even stop a grizzly. If saber tooth tigers still walked the earth we’d all be carrying Heinie Long Slides. You can still pretend and, with a Heinie Long Slide, you can shoot a lot of big game in the process.


Match grade, full gunsmith-fit 6-inch barrel
Forged frame and slide
Fully adjustable sights with Tritium night sight inserts
Tactical magazine release for quick magazine changes
25 lines per inch checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing
Ball radius cut on the slide
Complete frame and slide preparation removing every sharp edge for comfortable carry

We live in a world of uncertainty where conflicts can ignite overnight. We face uncertain days with new challenges thrust upon us like never before in the history of this country and the world. Not all challenges come from abroad. Civil unrest can cause a flash point where the only line between armed chaos and the average citizen is law enforcement. When this happens the individuals called upon need weapons that are reliable and effective. That's exactly what we had in mind when we introduced the GRP.

The GRP comes ready for duty and built to stand up to rigorous use that is required to keep professionals proficient in their skills. Tough and aggressive green Micarta grip panels are standard, as well as, a lanyard loop integrated into the mainspring housing. The forged slide stop axle is cut flush with the frame, and the frame is chamfered around it for easy removal. Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights are standard features.

The Global Response Pistol is a fighting gun, plain and simple, and is ready for duty wherever it is called upon to perform. If you are looking for a home or country defense weapon that meets your requirements, then the GRP is the ultimate solution.

One Gun. One Gunsmith.™


Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights
5" match grade stainless barrel with bushing
Stainless steel frame with black Nitride finish
Smooth and rounded slide top
Custom checkering in the front strap and mainspring housing
Completely dehorned and ready for comfortable carry
Toothed green Micarta grips
Front and rear cocking serrations
Skeletonized aluminum trigger

FALCON 5" .45




STARTING AT $3495.00


PREDATOR II 4.25" .45

​Special Order

T4 9MM

$3395.00 IN STOCK

The Ultimate Concealed Carry Pistol: We designed this little pistol to allow users to pack the powerful 45acp in a small package, but due to its popularity we now offer it in 9mm. A 4.25" bushing barrel allows field strip anywhere, and keeps the weight down when compared to pistols of comparable size with tapered cone barrels. Already loaded with options, we find that most customers want it just the way it is.

When it comes time to choose your everyday carry gun there is a lot to consider. You need something that is reliable, accurate, and easy to wear all day. You need something that you can enjoy shooting a lot, because there is no substitute for practice. That's where the T3 comes in. We designed this pistol to be pleasing to the eye, but also to be a workhorse that can stand up to thousands and thousands of rounds.

The T3 has the best features for any gun its size. The frame is based on the Officer model, but for those with large hands, it features an extended magazine well that gives you the length you need to get all your fingers on the grip. The extension also serves another function. The hand-cut geometric angles really add to the looks as well. The slide is a 4.25" Commander length that affords a better sight radius.

Another consideration is weight. The T3 actually weighs one ounce lighter than most officer size 1911s. This makes the T3 the first choice for an all-day carry pistol.

Heinie Slant-Pro Straight Eights Night Sights are standard. The mainspring housing, as well as the rear of the slide, are horizontally serrated to match. This feature also helps prevent snags on silk lined jackets and coats that checkering often causes. The top of the slide is also serrated to reduce glare. A Nighthawk Custom© lightweight aluminum trigger that has been blacked-out using Cerakote™ breaks between 3.5 and 4 lbs with no creep. When you put all of these features in one package, you come up with the finest carry gun you can own. All you add is practice.




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The full-size Falcon is one of our most popular models in the Nighthawk Custom line of pistols. It's easy to see why when you look at the sleek lines, as well as the practical features, which make it a formidable fighting weapon. The standard caliber is .45 ACP, but we do offer the Falcon in 9mm or 10mm if you so choose.

One of the distinctive features of the Falcon is our one-piece fully machined mainspring/magwell combination cut from a 2½" block of tool steel. Rather than coming to a sharp point at the base of the grip, the integrated mainspring housing/magwell is rounded for comfort while not sacrificing any grip length. The extra contouring assists in reducing "printing" while carrying concealed. Front and rear sights are the Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights which allows the slide to be cycled off of the rear sight should the need arise.

The frame is stainless steel so corrosion becomes less of an issue especially when it is coated standard with black Nitride. Three ball-radius cuts run the full length of the slide top to help direct your eyes quickly to the front prominent night sights.
The rear cocking serrations are a series of eight ball-radius cuts per side instead of our normal serration pattern. The rear of the slide is hand serrated at 40 lines per inch which matches the rear of the Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Sight. The barrel bushing is an extra thick variety which is chamfered around the edges. The front of the slide has been recessed where the front cocking serrations would normally be and the barrel crowned to complete the custom look.

The Nighthawk Custom match grade barrel is recess-crowned then fitted with a bushing.

Grips are black and green golf ball dimple pattern G10 with the Nighthawk logo.

One Gun. One Gunsmith.™


Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights
5" match grade barrel with bushing
Barrel is recess crowned
Stainless steel frame with black Nitride finish
Exclusive three ball-cut grooves into slide top
Custom checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing
40 lines per inch serrated rear of slide
Completely dehorned and ready for comfortable carry
Black and green golf ball dimpled G10 Nighthawk logo grips
Rear cocking serrations only
Nighthawk tri-cut custom aluminum trigger
Nighthawk one-piece magwell


STARTING AT $2995.00


Late in 2011 Bob Marvel decided that he would train one of our Master Gunsmiths to build one of his most popular custom models. This involved literally months of training and preparation. The time was well spent, and has produced what we consider to be one of the finest and most unique models we have offered to date. This model incorporates several features that are new to the 1911 market, one of which is the new Nighthawk / Marvel Everlast™ Recoil System™. This new recoil system allows a shooter to go at least 10,000 rounds before a spring change is necessary. Felt recoil and muzzle flip are also dramatically reduced. The proprietary barrel system is unique to any we have ever produced. The groups at 50 yards are beyond the capabilities of the average shooter.

Other features include fully adjustable sights that have been recessed into the slide, and are fully dehorned, which allow the shooter to change zero to whatever distance they intend to shoot. As mentioned earlier, this model will only be built under license by Bob Marvel® by our Master Gunsmith that he personally trained to follow his exact specifications. Don’t miss this opportunity to add one of these to your collection. They are destined to become heirlooms in the future.


Hand stippling on top of slide
Bull nose front taper
Proprietary barrel
French border on top of slide
Fully adjustable Bob Marvel recessed rear sights
Heavy bevel on bottom of slide
One-piece mainspring housing / magwell
High cut front strap
Lightweight aluminum medium solid Match trigger
Nighthawk Custom / Marvel EVERLAST™ Recoil System

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